Aug 2017



The nationalization of a country’s labor market is a path most, if not all, developed nations have followed. In the MENA region, Nationalization is concerned with increasing national citizen engagement in the labor market, in particular the private sector.

MINDFREE Consulting has been focusing on developing this niche service since 2016. Building on successful closures and extensive networking the result was verified upon presenting our clients with value candidates within the parameters of nationalization.

By meeting strict timelines, optimizing our KPIs, delivering progress reports and developing a vastly qualified talent pool, we turned a challenge into a successful delivery.

Consequently, this has enabled us to position ourselves as technical consultants in reference to Nationalization and given us the opportunity to add value and serve our customers whenever needed.

Our process begins from even before establishing contact with a client in reference to Nationalization. MINDFREE Consulting conducts rigorous market research to provide companies with and optimized operational plan and candidates with accurate information. We help our clients by ensuring the procedure is implemented within the parameters set by the respective countries Ministry of Labor.

  • Screened & interviewed National talent pool
  • Experienced local workforce at all levels
  • Specialization in all functions
  • High-performing candidates from ALL industries

Success Story: Saudization in the Insurance Sector

Prior to establishing contact with any client, MindFree Consulting conducts rigorous market research to approach companies and candidates with accurate information. Currently, it is well known that the Saudi market is facing challenges due to the new Saudization policy implemented by the Ministry of Labor, so in order to serve our clients’ needs, we started building our national talent pool within the KSA market, making this need one of our niche services.

In addition, since 2016, MFC has been developing its expertise and technical knowhow in the insurance industry, transforming it into one of MFC’s core sectors, and by combining both skills, we’ve moved to increase the number of Saudi nationals within insurance companies in the Kingdom. Referring to our wide talent pool of Saudi nationals in multiple departments and at different levels has given us an advantage to sign with regional and multinational insurance companies, especially after understanding and honoring SAMA’s rules and regulations.

Along with the extensive pipeline of Saudi talent we built and our intensive recruitment process, we were successful in getting awarded 4 strategic recruitment projects for multiple roles at all levels for several of our key clients. We were given strict timelines, KPIs, progress reports and a talent wish-list, making the challenge of successful delivery harder than expected. However, delivering results and serving our clients at the highest levels is what it’s all about, and failure is not an option. Today, this has enabled us to position ourselves as technical consultants in the Saudization arena and given us the opportunity to add value and serve our customers whenever needed.

Some of the roles handled and successfully placed include CEO, CIO, CITO, CISO, CFO, COO, CHRO, HR and finance teams, Underwriting Managers, Claims Managers, IT Managers, sales consultants etc…

We strive to constantly stay updated with all the different changes occurring in the region to meet our clients’ expectations through our attention to detail and dedication to talent.

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