Job Ref number Date Job Open: 17.06.15 Job Status: Open Position: Account Executive – Dubai Company Brief: MINDFREE CONSULTING haS signed a deal with a leading multinational company to assess, build and launch a new product within the UAE as phase 1, and other markets as phase 2. In turn we are looking for dynamic fresh candidates to join our team and handle the client’s needs while working with the

Jun 2015

Pastry Chef

Job Ref number Date Job Open: 03.03.15 Job Status: Closed   Position: Pastry Chef – Kuwait   Company Brief:   Our client is a chain of restaurants based in Kuwait, seeking to recruit a “European Pastry Chef” specialized in French pastries & Bakery.   Job Requirements:   Bachelor Degree 3+ years’ experience Gender: Male Specialized in French Pastries & Bakery   Salary & Benefits: Basic Salary: 3,500 EUROS Accomodation :